Backyard Retreat

From bird watching to observing breath-taking sunsets, everyone knows that warm weather is a backyard magnet. We want to tell you about a few things that will make your backyard living as comfortable and carefree as possible.

A beautiful deck is part of the backyard attraction. However, staining, painting, water proofing or repairing termite damage to maintain a wood deck can take hours nearly every spring or summer. Maintenance free materials will eliminate these monotonous chores. Many different materials in various price ranges are available to choose from.

Cushioned seating is always important for comfort. Of course, the plushest seating is meaningless if it is sitting in direct sunlight. So seating arrangements should be made in the shade for the most effective comfort levels. May we suggest covering your retreat? A covered deck or patio can be obtained in several ways. Build a roof over these areas or install awnings, shade sails or large shade umbrellas. All options are available in different price ranges.

Do you want a retreat from the insects and rain as well as the heat? Consider screening in your covered deck or patio. Choose from inexpensive fiberglass, durable aluminum, vinyl coated polyester for pet resistant strength and heat dissipation, bronze that doesn’t oxidize in salt air or monel that is tear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant. A covered, screened-in deck has a couple of extra bonuses as well. It adds value to your home, and it protects the deck floor and rails so that less frequent painting, staining and water proofing maintenance are required.

Gazebos are another option as a shaded backyard retreat. Again, these are available in different price ranges based on the type of structure you want – from mobile canvas to permanent wood. They, too, can be fitted with screens.

Consider these options for less maintenance and more time for relaxation.  After all, there’s a reason it’s called a backyard retreat.