Backyard Gardening in Small Spaces

You don’t need a large backyard to have a garden. Even if your backyard is mostly concrete, you can still have a garden.  All you need is dirt and a gardening spot. Of course, if you have a big backyard, feel free to join in on the fun!

Raised gardening beds have been popular for a few years. The layout of raised beds is perfect for small backyards, terraces or concreted areas; however, they also make required plant care much easier. Most are about four feet wide. The length varies with available space or the amount of gardening that will be done.

If space is extremely limited, vertical gardening may be the key. Vertical garden towers are three or four-sided structures that usually rise to just within arms’ length for maximum space. The sides can be as wide as you want. Generally, low root vegetables grow well in garden towers.

Hanging wall gardens are the key when you have virtually no ground space. The wall will have to be created from wooden planks and takes up only mere inches of depth. Again, the wall can be as wide and as tall as you want. Then get creative with different ways to hang pots or materials that can be upcycled to become planters.

Of course, any planter, pot or galvanized tub can be used as a container garden. Be sure the container has holes or make your own. Larger containers can hold numerous flowers or veggies as long as you give plants enough space for growth. Mix it up or have a theme. For example, grow all the fresh veggies in one container that you will need for all those salads you plan to eat throughout spring and summer.

No more excuses! Get outside and do a little gardening. Your backyard is calling you.