Renovations: what you need to do before starting

When you decide to update your house’s insulation, the goal is to make it more comfortable and more enjoyable to live in. However, having only this goal in mind, you might make mistakes that will cost you a lot in the end. By following the next few steps, you could avoid bad surprises.

Polyform - plan and scheduleUpdating the insulation automatically involves other renovations: gypsum installation, painting, flooring, and more. Before you begin your project, you need to make a plan with as many details as possible for every step. The plan needs to be done according to your lifestyle and needs to bring improvements. It can help avoiding, a few months later, realizing that you forgot something really important. Your schedule will be an excellent reference tool during the whole construction or renovation process. A good plan should include the material you would like to use, the workforce you will need to hire, as well as a detailed schedule. The schedule is very important, no matter if you do the work by yourself or with a contractor. It will give you an overview of the project.

It is necessary to establish a budget. It will greatly help you when the time comes to take important decisions, such as selecting the materials or your workforce. It’s always best to plan on a bigger amount than a tight budget; you need to be able to manage all kinds of issues that can happen during the work. You need financial help? It is important to visit more than one financial institution as the interests rates are not the same everywhere.

This advice also applies if you need to hire a contractor: make sure that he has his RBQ licence and he has pertinent experience. Take your time in order to select your workforce carefully. Especially if you need to work on electricity or plumbing, do not risk an accident. When in doubt, ask experts, it will save you time and money!

Polyform - Rénovation, renovationWhen starting a construction or renovation project, you might forget to request a construction licence. Most municipalities and regulations require that you get a licence. Without one, you could receive a heavy fine and, if it does not respect the standards, you might have to start your project all over again.By respecting all these conditions, your renovation project should be conducted without any problem and it will encourage you to do more! Make sure you have fun realizing your project and keep in mind that your goal is to improve your quality of life. Do not hesitate to call one of our specialists for any questions regarding your insulation products, it is our expertise!


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