How to make your boneless chicken breast less boring

Like a celebrity worshipped by millions despite an acknowledged lack of talent, the boneless, skinless chicken breast easily wins the Most Popular Poultry Award on cottage grills. But even with its non-threatening good looks, everyone knows a grilled B-S breast can be boring, flavourless, and dry. Let’s fix all these flaws.

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Like many successful Canadian brands, Cottage Life was created from humble beginnings. As new cottage owners, Al Zikovitz and Wendela Roberts were in need of help with the many unique challenges of their recently purchased cottage. They spent an entire summer conjuring up a myriad of content ideas for a high quality publication specifically created for waterfront cottage owners. In April 1988, the first issue of Cottage Life hit the newsstands and was an instant hit with cottage owners of all stripes.

The growth of Cottage Life during the past 26 years has resulted in one of Canada’s most enduring and best-loved brands.

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