Muskoka and Billionaire’s Row

When people think about expensive real estate in Canada, minds generally flutter straight to Toronto and Vancouver, which are famous for being far more expensive to live in than most Canadian cities. When it comes to summer properties, Muskoka is the most expensive place you can dabble your toes into within Canada.

Muskoka was first inhabited in the 1700’s by workers and fur trappers who worked for a little company which would later become the Hudson’s Bay Company.  Now, the land is mostly reserved for cottage property. The are dies down during the winter, and thrives during the summer. Muskoka has been known for it’s pricey real estate for plenty of time, but prices have started climbing to new heights recently.


On perhaps Muskoka’s most well known lake, Lake Joseph, residents say you cannot find a property for under a million big ones. In reality, most properties on this lake cost substantially more than that. Some property’s have been valued at over $25 million dollars. These are generally located on the North side of Lake Joseph, which is referred to fittingly as Billionaire’s Row.

Muskoka properties are almost always directly on the water. Residents say that the water is the most important aspect to everyone in the area.  Docks, boats, float planes, floating structures, and large water side entertainment areas are everywhere.


Sound like a good place to be? What would you do to have a property on Lake Joseph?

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